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Smart Steps: Embrace the Journey

Becoming a new stepfamily can be stressful, surprising, and rewarding. The Smart Steps program helps remarried and repartnered families adjust to these changes. Topics covered include parenting in a stepfamily, strengthening the couple, legal and financial issues, and managing multiple households.

Class Modules:
Smart Steps: Embrace the Journey is a research-based program designed for remarried or re-partnered couples and their children forming stepfamilies, including non-custodial parents. 

  1. Families Today: Focus on Stepfamilies
  2. Changes in You and Your Family
  3. Where Are You Coming From
  4. Strengthening the Couple
  5. Communication Across Households
  6. Building Family Strengths

In-Person Classes:
In-person classes are available in the following Florida counties.

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