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When we hear the word “dating,” we may at first think of teens and young people. But of course, dating isn’t limited to the young. Single, widowed, and divorced adults of all ages date, and this category covers experiences from a casual night out to a long-term live-in partnership.

A new relationship can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Attraction is important, but you also have to figure out what this person is like and whether the two of you are compatible. Later, you’ll want to ask yourself what your goals are for the relationship, and if they’re being met. (For example, where do you see things going over time?) There may be issues to work through about communication, or big or small problems to overcome.

The beliefs and behaviors we develop about dating when we’re young influence our adult relationships. Understanding what is (and isn’t) healthy can make a big difference further down the road.

We’ll cover all these topics and more in our Dating section. Browse through our articles to learn more!

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