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Relationship Smarts: PLUS 3.0

Did you know that the romantic relationships we have as teens often set the tone for our relationships later on? Relationship Smarts talks honestly to teens about their personal identity, healthy relationships, what it means to communicate, dating violence, and sexual decision-making.

Class Modules:
Relationship Smarts PLUS 3.0 is an evidence-based program created to help teens learn innovative approaches to relationship skills. The seven out of twelve lessons that will be taught are: 

  1. Who Am I and Where Am I Going?
  2. Attractions and Infatuation
  3. Principles of Smart Relationships
  4. Is It a Healthy Relationship?
  5. Dating Violence and Breaking Up
  6. Communication and Healthy Relationships
  7. Sexual Decision-Making

In-Person Classes:
This program will mainly be taught in Florida high schools in Citrus, Duval, Manatee, Palm Beach, and Santa Rosa counties.

Preview the Class: