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Invest In Your Relationship Today!

Make the SMART Choice. Explore Our Online Relationship Education Classes:

SMART's #1 Recommended Course for Singles and Couples

Before You Tie the Knot

A powerful premarital program to start relationships out right

9 $kills for Talking about Money

How to effectively discuss finances with your partner

Positive Behavioral Management

A life-changing skills program for parents and teachers


Strengthen your relationships so your home can be cared for by all

Maintenance E-Calendar

Track expensive items and sign up for maintenance reminders


An exciting couples program to enhance your relationship

Relationship Smarts Plus 3.0

A fun and engaging high school program for teenagers

A Lasting Impact!

See How Our SMART Programs Are Benefiting Attendees

A couple poses for an outdoor photo.

“My relationship with my partner is stronger than ever ... ”

- Taylor Sparkman, ELEVATE Alum

A couple poses in front of a mountain

“The course really helped us develop better communication skills as a couple”

- Arun Jani, ELEVATE Alum

A couple poses for a photograph.

“It has 100% impacted our relationship for the better!”

- Mr. & Mrs. McVay, Before You Tie the Knot Alums

A couple poses for a photograph.

“It was a great start to provide us with some tools”

- Kelvin Wells, Before You Tie the Knot Alum

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