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Elevate Workshop Topic Overview

Session 1 – Introduction
Welcome and overview
Physiology and healthy relationships
Elevate your love, not your heart rate

  • Being a mindful couple
  • Tips for a healthy relationship
  • The heart-brain connection

Session 2 - Empower Yourself
Survey and resource assessment/gift card
Why it is important to care for self
Recognizing and managing signs of stress
Overview of physical, spiritual & sexual health

  • Caring for yourself and others
  • Healthy living, healthy couples
  • Tips for a healthier sex life with your partner

Emotional Health

  • My (and my partner’s) strengths

Session 3 – Lay the Foundation & Enlighten
Making the relationship a priority

  • Putting effort into your relationship
  • Do you avoid hurtful thoughts and behaviors?

Putting the relationship first

  • Ways to show commitment
  • Focus on strengths
  • Envision a healthy future together

Remembering the past

  • Getting to know your partner well

Maintaining intimacy

  • Love maps


  • Talking about money
  • Financial goal setting
  • Expense planning sheet

Session 4 – Value & Attach
Mindfulness practice: loving-kindness

  • Showing affection and respect
  • Caring in action

Maintaining positivity in the relationship
Crabby reactions vs. caring actions
Spending meaningful time together

  • Develop and maintain your friendship
  • Making time to connect

Making and protecting time
Nurturing your couple identity

  • Couple rituals and traditions

Nurturing positive interactions
Helpful versus unhelpful messages

Session 5 – Tame & Engage

Conflict is normal

  • Dealing with differences in healthy ways
  • Common myths about conflict in relationships
  • When couples fight children suffer

How we respond to anger

  • Getting worked up
  • Anger (mis)management

Applying the brakes
Mindfulness practice: attitude change
Managing conflict and applying repair attempts

  • Keeping your cool
  • Managing tough talks

Support from others
Post-program surveys/gift card
Marriage Tips & Traps Book drawing