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The Top 7 Problem Areas for Newlyweds

Engaged? Newly married? Check out these common trouble spots that plague new marriages.

10 Rules for Constructive Conflict

Conflict can be scary! Many of us prefer to avoid it. On the other hand, some of us go overboard with it! Neither situation is productive for relationships. Want to learn how to handle conflict calmly, reasonably, and effectively?

What is Relational Aggression and How Can It Harm Your Marriage?

Has your spouse ever given you the silent treatment or said negative things about you to his or her family or friends? If so, that’s relational aggression. And it hurts.

Starting to Date Again: For Single Parents

After a divorce, getting back into dating can be both exciting and intimidating. For parents, there are additional questions and concerns.

Winning Ways to Manage Expectations in Your Marriage

Whether we realize it or not, we all have expectations of our partner and our relationship. For instance, we may want to spend weekends doing certain things, or prefer holidays to be celebrated in a particular way. How do we cope when our spouse’s expectations are different than our own?

“No” Means “Know”: Talking About Sex with Your Significant Other

Sex is great, but it’s very important that both partners in a dating relationship be ready. Here are some things to think about first.