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13 Things to Look for in a Healthy Relationship

Is he “the one”? Should you be worried about the way you talk to each other? If you have questions like these, check out this list of what to look for in a strong relationship.

What's Your Cell Phone Doing to Your Relationship?

Have you ever been “phubbed”? That’s when a partner snubs you in favor of his or her cell phone. Ouch!

When Your Partner Has an Addiction

Addiction is one of the hardest issues a couple can face together, but there is hope.

Parenting Black Children in the Age of Trayvon Martin

How are today’s black parents coping with the reality that their children may face racist violence?

Relationship Poisons and Antidotes

Small and big problems can eat away at a couple’s happiness over time. What can we do to help make sure that our relationships stay strong, even when things get a bit “poisonous”?

Adjusting to an Empty Nest Together

Wondering what will happen to your marriage when the last child leaves home? It might actually turn out to be a second honeymoon.


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