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Additional Classes

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Additional Classes

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Online Extension Classes Available At Minimal Cost (Non-grant related)

    • Before You Tie the Knot (free) (3 CEUs)

Are wedding bells in your future? Marriage is a big and exciting step. With the help of our online, research-based classes, you and your partner can be better prepared for the years ahead. Learn about healthy communication, money management, effective parenting, how to handle conflict, and more. Click here to register!

    • Positive Behavioral Management Skills for Parents and Teachers (2 CEUs)

This is a research-based 3-lesson program designed to assist in identifying and applying the skills and strategies needed to become an effective parent or teacher or an influential mentor to help others develop healthy relationships and improve their overall well-being. Click here to register ($15.00)

    • 9 Important Communication $kills for Talking about Money (1 CEU)

This is a research-based program designed to help individuals discuss issues surrounding finances and other family-related matters. Click here to register ($15.00)

County Extension Classes & Events Throughout Florida

Click here to find your Florida county Extension website in order to find out more about Extension classes and events in your area.

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